Sunday, April 26, 2009


I love this time of year! It's so beautiful outside. I can wake up at 6 am and it's already light and I have not wasted any part of the day. During the week, I wake up at 5 and it's almost light outside. I can't wait until it's completely light and I can wake up at 5 everyday. I know I am a little crazy, but I LOVE the mornings. It's the most breathtaking and fresh time of the day.
I have not been blogging as well as I should. My last blog was in March, so I guess I need to get it together! The good news is that there is only 5 weeks of school and then I can blog everyday for 6 weeks! I can't wait! Plus, we'll finally have time to visit Mimi and Papa, as well as Bob and Doris and Grandma Cordes. We haven't been up to Eagar in awhile, but I just haven't wanted to fight the cold and snow.
Hunter started walking and he is ALL OVER THE PLACE! I can barely catch him. He practically can run already. He loves to be outside. Sometimes we go for walks around the block and I let him walk the whole way. He is so active! He also has 2 more teeth, for a grand total of 8 teeth. He also can eat "normal" food now. We don't have to buy baby food anymore!!
Keith has been down in the back for the past week. He has been seeing a chiropractor and started spinal decompressions which have been helping him. He has been very busy with school and has to drive to Casa Grande every Saturday for his English class. He is going to be starting Prescott College in May and will be done with school by next May. That will be a relief for all of us!
I am doing good. I found out that I will be teaching 5th grade next year and I am so happy and relieved! That means I only will have 1 class and I will teach all subjects, which is what I am used to. This past year I have taught 6th grade Science to 6 different classes and it's been rough. That is alot of papers to grade and it takes an extremely organized person, which I will admit, I am not! So, 5th grade will be much better!
Well, we're all doing well, except for Keith's back, but it's healing. Hopefully, I'll get back to this blog sooner next time!