Monday, June 22, 2009

Fishing at San Carlos

We just got back from a wonderful family overnight fishing trip. We took Lynn and Laura’s new pop-up trailer and headed out to the tanks to catch some catfish, bass, and anything else we could! I love going to the tanks on the reservation because the reservation has the most beautiful land. I also love the tanks because that is where Keith and I went on our first date. Now, Hunter’s very first camping trip was at the tanks. It’s a very special place to our family and I hope that we will go there every year!

We have been in Morenci for a few days and Hunter has had the time of his life. He has come to like Laura’s dog, Molly. Molly is extremely gentle,but also very old. She is deaf, but Hunter loves her. We also went down to see the goats and Hunter got to ride one. It was adorable. We have had an awesome time here visiting Grandma and Grandpa Rogers.Hunter loves Molly Dog Hunter and Molly

Goat riding Goat Riding

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

4 boys and 1 girl

These last few days have been so much fun. My sister went to a conference and so Keith and I have been watching Taylor and Aiden. They are such awesome kids and I miss them terribly. They have been so good and have done a wonderful job playing with Hunter. When they first got here on Sunday night, Hunter would run up to Aiden and give him a hug. Then he would run up to Taylor and give him a kiss. What a precious moment. Aiden started calling him “Hunter Snuggles.” It’s so cute.

Yesterday we went swimming at Grandma’s house. The boys were ecstatic, because they LIVE in the pool when they go to Grandma’s. Hunter has a little floatie that looks like a crab and has a shade. He hung out in that all afternoon. I gave Aiden a swimming lesson and he learned to blow bubbles and put his face in the water. Taylor is a very strong swimmer, so I didn’t worry about him. I gave Taylor swimming lessons when he was about 7.  We had a great time yesterday!

Here are a few pics of Hunter giving hugs….

Hunter and Aiden

Hunter and Grandma Essie

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finally Home

We are finally home from our trip to visit Tara, Mike and the boys. We are exhausted! We had a lot of fun. We got to go on a ride in the Rhino and have a picnic. We also got to see Aiden play in his T-ball game and Taylor in his baseball game. They are so awesome. Hunter had a good time, but he had his first big tumble this weekend. It scared me to death. We got a new camp trailer and Hunter learned how to open the door and he fell out. Luckily, he is okay. He does have some bruises on his back and he got a little scrape on his head. Now I make sure to dead bolt the door so that he can’t open it.  We are glad to be home, even though we LOVE our new trailer and it’s very comfortable. I’ll just be more careful with the door next time.