Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Tree

We went up to Springerville this past week so that we could get a Christmas tree. Up on the mountain where we went it was snowy white and I'm sure that if Hunter hadn't been with us, Keith surely would have managed to get us stuck. But, he was very careful not to drive anywhere where other vehicles have not gone. The snow was gorgeous! Sometimes I miss it. I miss being able to take a drive up the mountain any time I want. There are so many places to go! There's always something to do and it doesn't cost any money. But then I just look at the crazy people that live up there and I thank my Heavenly Father that we are not in that mess. There is so much drama and I think that wind in Springerville drives people mad. :)

Anyway, we did get out Christmas tree and we had a wonderful time looking for it and cutting it down. Although it is not perfect, like a fake one or farm grown tree would be, it is beautiful. People aren't perfect so why do we always expect a Christmas tree to be? I love our tree!

Friday, December 19, 2008

My Birthday

Today is my 26th birthday. My first birthday with Hunter Buggy and it was great! My dear husband got me a Capo for my guitar and a tuner to help me tune the guitar. I also got the book "Twilight." We went out to eat at Serrano's and Hunter ate crackers and beans. He was really excited. Anway, I had a really great day! But now I'm tired and need to get to bed.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Things we all love....

We've been on a little vacation for a few days visiting all of the family. It's been so wonderful. We went to Morenci for a few days to see Grandma and Grandpa Rogers. Now we are up in Springerville. We were hoping it would snow and it did a little bit but not enough. :) We got a Christmas tree and it's going to be beautiful when we get home and get it decorated.

We've been staying at Mimi and Papa's house. I love it here. I'm so incedibly thankful that Hunter gets to spend time with Mimi and Papa just like I did when I was little. Mimi and Papa have this little tiny chair that all of us grandkids used to play with when we were little. It is probably more than 30 years old. Hunter was playing with it and I took some pictures. I'm so thankful that Hunter gets to experience the same things I did. We all loved that little chair!