Friday, November 20, 2009

Thank a teacher

Yesterday I wasn't feeling to hot and Hunter has a really bad cold so I decided to stay home from work. Hunter has had this terrible cough and when I woke up yesterday I found that Hunter had coughed his way into throwing up in his crib! I decided to take him to the doctor just in case. She said his chest is clear and he doesn't have a fever, so we went home and played the rest of the day.
I still feel yucky. I think most of my problem is stress and burn out. I feel like I give and give and give and then get nothing back. I don't mean from my family, but from my job. I love being a teacher, and I love my class, but there is too much pressure on me. I do everything exactly like they ask me to everyday! I am always teaching, using every minute in class as though it is the last. I utilize every single piece of technology that has been graciously given to me. I teach the concepts exactly when the curriculum tells me to. I tutor ELL students after school. I do so many things that go above and beyond and still this is what I hear...."why haven't your benchmark scores gone up? "More tutoring after school" "You need more training on technology" oh and my favorite one, "we still can't give the teachers any raises next year!" I am currently working on my Master's Degree, but I'm still not going to get a raise. I'm beginning to think that none of this is worth it. I work my tail off for next to nothing and the meantime, my son gets to spend all day at a babysitter.
Anyway, there is my rant for the day. Had to get it off of my chest. Thank goodness for breaks! Thanksgiving break has been a long time coming.
Oh and just so everyone knows..... This is a complaint about education in this state in general. Not my school or district. It's like this in every district. Teacher's are underappreciated. So today.....go out there and thank a teacher! Believe will make their day!